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Your 5 ★ Auto Repair Service

1025 Water Street, Santa Cruz, California

ASE certified mechanic

ASE Certified Technician

Certified ASE Technician in Good Standing Since 1998.


24 Year of Experience

ASE-certified technician with over 24 years of experience.

Parts & Labor Warranty

24-month/24,000-mile warranty on parts and labor.

Five Star Reviews

RPM Auto Repair continuously receives 5 star ratings.

Call today and ask about our FREE 30 minute diagnostic vehicle check!


Why RPM Auto Repair?

RPM Auto Repair is a customer-centric business. We always do our best to help you understand your car and it's maintenance schedule. Since 1999 we are hard at work to bring you high-quality automotive repair for
affordable prices.

These days, we are honored that our customers consistently refer their friends and family to our shop and sometimes even come all the way from Salinas to get their repairs done here.

Jose Trinidad Rios, Shop Owner

Haley S. ★★★★★

Trini deserves every five-star review he gets. He is the most honest, hard working man I have ever encountered. He finds time to fit me in whenever I call. He talks me through every procedure and is sure to show you exactly what he is doing to your car and why it is necessary.

Posted via Yelp

Anna R. ★★★★★

We’ve always been happy. Trini is a courteous, respectful, knowledgeable mechanic who will give you a fair price and great service. He gives you a heads-up on any future problems you may encounter and how long you could safely wait to come back and have it done. Highly recommended!

Posted via Yelp

Bryant B. ★★★★★

Great friendly guy. Was really helpful and honest in helping me with my car problems. I've been to four different shops in the neighborhood and this was by far the BEST! Also did repair for a lot less than other shops estimates.

Posted via Yelp

Issy S. ★★★★★

There is a reason that everyone has given RPM Auto 5 stars. It’s because it really is a five star place. Trini has been my mechanic for over a decade. He truly is one of the most honest and fair people I have ever met.

Posted via Yelp

Our Services

  • Transmissions

    Making sure that your transmission fluids are in good shape could save you money on costly repairs later on. But at RPM Auto Repair we can also help you with transmission related problems. We specialize in automatic and manual transmissions, clutch replacements and differential or transfer case repairs and rebuilds.

  • Tune Ups

    Tune-up intervals vary from one vehicle to another. While an older car should be tuned every 12,000 miles, newer cars can require a tune-up as often as every 25,000 miles. Feel free to contact us to find out how often your car should have a tune-up. We are happy to explain every how and why to you and only perform services as needed.

  • Timing Belts

    When a timing belt breaks, you are in for an expensive disaster. The engine will stop running and other engine parts might get damaged. This is why it is so important to take care of your timing belt at the manufacturer's specified maintenance points. Feel free to give us a call to make sure a broken timing belt will never come as a surprise to you.

  • Starters

    Your car’s battery is what supplies the power to start your vehicle. But the starter is what really gets the engine going. There are many reasons why your car won't start and the starter could be one of them. However, to accurately diagnose the problem you should give us a call; we are happy to help you get back on the road.

  • Breaks

    Regularly serviced brakes are vital to your vehicle's safety and reliability. Frequent brake inspections will not only keep you safe, but also help you prevent the need for expensive rotor or drum replacements. RPM Auto Repair can help you maintain, repair or replace your brake system as necessary. Call today.

  • Computer Diagnosis

    At RPM Auto Repair we are equipped with the right tools to accurately diagnose your car. With the right tools we can quickly inform you what the cause of the problem is. Before we begin any work on your car, we will communicate with you what repairs are needed and what it will cost to fix it.

  • Radiators

    Ensuring that your engine is running within the safe temperature range is very important to the health and longevity of your car. If your engine gets too hot you can end up with serious problems. That’s why it is so important to have a properly functioning radiator in place and coolant fluid topped up. We are happy to offer sound advice next time you stop by.

  • Water Pumps

    Found fluids leaking from your car? This could be your radiator hose or water pump. Water pumps, just like radiators, are very important components of your car and it’s crucial that you have a mechanic take a look at it right the way. Let an RPM Auto Repair professional help you repair any problem that might damage your vehicle.

  • Clutch Repair

    The clutch enables the gears to be changed. This is a repetitive task and your clutch could wear down over time. Since the clutch is connected to the transmission there could be other factors at fault as well. We recommend that you schedule an appointment with us to have your transmission system inspected.

  • Shocks

    Quality shocks keep your car firm on the road and soften the impacts of rough road conditions. Good shocks also absorb the rebound of springs and other suspension components. Bad shocks can even impact how quickly you can get your car to stop once you hit the brakes. Ask us about our OEM shocks and how they will help keep you safe.

  • Check Engine Light

    Did your check engine light turn on? No matter what the problem may be, we can help you with computer diagnosis to pinpoint the root cause of your car troubles. This could be a simple operation, such as a broken gas cap. But it could also be something that requires your immediate attention. Don’t hesitate and stop by before things might get worse.

  • Alternators

    Having issues with your alternator can be the cause of your car not starting or your battery not charging or even draining. At RPM Auto Repair we can perform a check to see if your alternator is receiving the proper amount electricity. Alternators are commonly replaced at around 100,000 miles. Feel free to ask us for an estimate.

  • Oil Changes

    Motor oil is one of the most common and important fluids in your car. Motor oil protects the engine and nearby parts from wearing out while improving your gas mileage. With time and mileage, the oil additives get used up, causing the engine oil to degrade. Be smart, save at the pump and protect your car with regular oil changes every 3000 miles.

  • Batteries

    If you notice that your car doesn’t start up right away and is stalling, it might be that your battery is at fault. This scenario is even more common during the colder half of the year because car batteries have to work harder to retain the same energy in cold temperatures. At RPM Auto Repair we can help with any of your car battery needs.

RPM Auto Repair will always stay within your estimated budget.


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We continuously receive 5-star ratings. Why not stop by and find out why?



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