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The 5 Fluids That Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

The 5 Fluids That Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

One of the most important aspects of car maintenance is to ensure fluids are at the right levels. So what fluids do you need to be aware of for the smooth running of your vehicle?

Here are five, what they do and basic maintenance.

Engine Oil

The first thing that most car owners learn about is how to check their vehicle’s engine oil. For most, you just need to open up the bonnet and find the oil dipstick. After you pull this out, wipe it down so it is clean. Then you need to replace the stick and pull it out again. This will give the oil level and it should be above the line on the stick.

You should check your oil level at least once a month, more frequently for older cars. Replacing the oil is only required when the level gets low, as determined by the dip stick.

Transmission Fluid

The gears of your vehicles are kept healthy with transmission fluid. The same process of checking your engine oil can be done for your transmission oil; though the engine should be running. This test needs to be done monthly.

The fluid should be red, if it is brown or smells burnt then you need to replace the fluid at a reputable mechanic’s.


This is what keeps your vehicle cool and is vital. If you run out of coolant, your vehicle could overheat. To check this fluid you need to ensure the engine is cool and not running. Then open up the coolant cap and see the level of the fluid against the line. This should be done about every four to six months. If it is low, add some more, ensuring it is the same type that is already in the car.

Brake Fluid

Just like the transmission fluid, this is part of a closed system. Therefore, your car should never actually run low on it. Still, it is an important fluid to regularly check as leaks can occur or can become dirty and less effective.

Check the fluid by looking at the brake fluid reservoir on the driver’s side of your vehicle. The liquid should be a golden color. If it is brown, take it to a mechanic to be replaced.

Power Steering Fluid

When this fluid starts to get low you might hear a creaking, or other weird sounds. The reservoir to check the levels should be under the bonnet. If it gets low get your vehicle to a mechanic.

If you check these fluids regularly, you should be able to keep your car running smoothly and have cheaper repair costs.